Ethereum, Cardano, and Tron are today’s blockchain leaders in terms of NFTs and NFT marketplaces. Each blockchain boasts smart contracts and tokens with various technical capabilities. However, the Jengascoin Blockchain is uniquely suited for digital licensing because of the specialized behaviors built into the blockchain, NFTs and NFT tokens generated on Jengascoin.

The Jengascoin NFT has several parameters that are recorded on-chain AND enforced by the blockchain in every transaction, meaning every Jengascoin Wallet and every Jengascoin Marketplace automatically check for exclusivity expiry, rental expiry, and royalty distribution on each NFT token sale. Because these are core functionalities on the Jengascoin blockchain, NFT tokens cannot be resold until exclusivity expiry, cannot be used after rental expiry, and royalties are automatically calculated and distributed by the blockchain as part of the resale transaction.

Due to the specialized mechanism of the Jengascoin Blockchain, transaction costs (gas) are minimized. The Jengascoin Blockchain is the ONLY blockchain which is created specifically for Digital Licensing use.

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